Corporate Profile

We have been customizing
truck trays to meet
customer needs since 1950.

The Dumploader was invented and named by us.
Any truck of similar description is called
a dumploader in Japan.

We strive to be a socially responsible company.

Company Name Fujita Automobile Industry Co. Ltd.
Established April 1950
Established Dumploader, trailer, cargo,
truck body and customized tray sales and repairs.
Capitol   ¥12,000,000
President  Fujita Kenichiro
Phone   +81-87-876-5311 / +81-87-876-5322 (Repairs)
Fax +81-87-876-5312 / +81-87-876-5323 (Repairs)
Address 1500-41 Sue Ayagawa-cho Ayauta-gun Kagawa 761-2103 Japan


Niigata Factory
Address 6-125 Sushimaya Higashi-ku
Niigata Niigata 950-0801 Japan
Phone    +81-25-275-1387
Tokushima Factory
Address  Hachikitakaitaku Sasagino
Matsushige-cho Itano Tokushima 771-0219 Japan
Phone   +81-88-699-2540


1950 Company established as Fujita Welding.
1953 Company name changed to Fujita Manufacturing Ltd,
1959 Company name changed to Fujita Iron Ltd.
1961 Kozai Factory Number 1 built.
1963 Company name changed to Fujita Automobile Industry Co. Ltd.
1970 Kozai Factory Number 2 built.
1973 Tokushima Factory built.
1977 Niigata Factory built.
1997 Headquarters relocated to Ayagawa Cho.
2008 Company re-structured


Dump loader (Tray with loading ramps)

Lightweight body with high load efficiency
This is the industry standard for industrial machine loading.
 It comes fitted with a wide tread outrigger hydraulic jack.
Various options considered with work efficiency such as radio control
units are available. Chassis welded to the deck to give maximum
strength, rigidity, reliability and security.

Superloader (Flatbed Tray)

Straight Slide Deck
Sliding deck for industrial machine loading.
This high grade tray slides out touching the ground directly, providing a
slight slope. It is possible to have it customized so that ramps are not
necessary for smooth and speedy loading and unloading.
This tray is well suited for various types of transportation or industrial machinery.

Light Superloader (Beaver Tail)

Lightweight body with the tray to slide and tilt
This carefully considered and logical mechanism allows the tray to
slide and tilt without the use of a hydraulic jack. This design is suited
to general purpose usage. This tray is simpler and lighter weight than
the Superloader (Flatbed Tray).
The Light Superloader S model has a one lever activation mechanism.


Custom made trucks.
We also make customized tray bodies other than those listed on this website.
We also manufacture Pull pole tractors, rear up and down customized truck
 trays, drop door trays, aluminum rack bodies and trays, trays for compressed
gas transportation, motorbikes, timber, cows and pigs,
If you are interested in a customized tray, please don't hesitate to let us know.

TEL 087-876-5311
お問合せ時間 / 8:30~17:00